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Bexley is a suburb in southern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Bexley is located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of the Bayside Council and is part of the St George area. Burwood Heights is a separate suburb to the south. The Appian Way is a street in Burwood, known for its architecturally designed Federation-style homes.


Bexley is currently served by Transit Systems and U-Go Mobility bus services. A steam tramway opened on 13 October 1909 and operated from Arncliffe railway station via Firth and Done Streets and then onto Wollongong, Forest and Stoney Creek Roads to Bexley Park, near Preddys Road.

“Brilliant location marred by phenomenal amounts of aircraft noise!”

Truly brilliant location that’s close to the airport, M5, the beaches of brighton-le-sands and three train stations (Bexley, Rockdale and Kogarah).

There’s a bunch of GP’s and medical centres about and St George Hospital (and St George Private) is only one suburb over in Kogarah so its actually fairly easy to find a good local GP or specialist.

There’s so many parks and reserves sprinkled throughout the suburb, some with regular activities like Tai Chi you can join in on and there’s some beautiful heritage homes about that make it a great suburb to go for an afternoon or evening stroll about.

Our neighbours met us with glasses of homemade lemonade when we first turned up with our delivery truck and proved to be the kind of neighbours you dream about; kept an eye on our place, happily minded the kids when we got stuck and there when we needed to borrow a cup of sugar but without feeling each of us was living in the other’s pocket/yard. Our kids still call her ‘nonna’ (grandma).

There’s genuinely good shopping at nearby Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale and some of the best (and cheap!) food and restaurants can be found here and in the ethnically diverse suburbs surrounding Bexley – I genuinely do miss the food!

The downfall is the phenomenal volume (both in terms of quantity and decibals) of aircraft noise from 6am to 11pm, with the occasional smattering of turbo-props or propellar aircraft outside of this. You don’t realise its getting to you until you realise that you wake up seconds before that first flight goes over the top each morning ie you’re waiting for the plane you know is coming, before you even hear it. The hours also mean its impossible to get 8hrs sleep unless you’re the heaviest of sleepers…

The driving skill level is also surprisingly bad in Bexley and its surrounding suburbs; I stopped counting how many accidents I was nearly having after it hit double digits in the first month and in addition to these close calls and similar experiences thanks to the slew of learner vehicles that must be driving the test route for the nearby Rockdale RTA, I personally saw two vehicles go into properties (1xshop, 1xhouse) in one street alone. You really have to see it to believe its that bad!

So its one of those suburbs that could be unbelievably perfect…if it weren’t for the not-so-minor detail of Australia’s largest airport being 4minutes drive (30sec flying time?) from it. But if you want Sydney proximity on a budget, this may be something you’re prepared to make a trade-off on..

  • Samsung flat screen TV 
  • 5G internet
  • Dryer 
  • Samsung washing machine, toasters, microwave, water heater, blender, etc…
  • It has 5 rooms, private and shared.
  • 2 very large gardens

Incredible, very spacious and modern student residence.


Shared room $275 per person.

Room with built-in wardrobe, ideal for 2 friends who are looking for privacy.

Private room $350 per person.

Private room with double bed and built-in wardrobe, ideal for 1 person looking for privacy.

Private room $350 per person.

Private room with double bed and built-in wardrobe, ideal for 1 person looking for privacy.

Private room $340 per person.

Private room with double bed and built-in wardrobe, ideal for 1 person looking for privacy.

Incredible room for couples $550 with private living room, private bathroom and wardrobe.

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